Start using the Scrazzl API

The Scrazzl product database is the most comprehensive collection of product information available for life and health science. With information from over 1000 vendors globally, the database is one of the richest sources of structured product information available.

In addition to our expertise in product database management, our publication analysis technology and access to full-text content through our publishing partnerships enables us to accurately detect the presence of research products in millions of scientific publications. The Scrazzl API makes it possible to link to from websites to product matched publications and vice versa.

The benefits of becoming a user of the Scrazzl API include:

  • More Utility: Enhance the user experience of your website by adding relevant research product and publication information.
  • Cost savings: Make significant data management savings by avoiding catalogue management and citation curation costs.
  • Ancillary Revenue: Earn significant ancillary revenue by using our data. Enquire about joining the Scrazzl syndication network to learn more.


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