Scrazzl API V2 Documentaion

Attribute Description

Available Attributes:

The following table outlines key product information available through our API. The attribute name, a brief description and an example in each case are provided.

Attribute Name Description
product ID Unique product ID provided by Scrazzl.
product name Product name provided by the vendor (e.g. RhoA antibody).
catalogue ID Unique catalog number provided by the vendor (e.g. ab12456).
vendor name Official vendor name (e.g. Sigma-Aldrich).
description Description of product provided by the vendor.
unit Depending on product type this can refer to quantity, pack size, volume etc. (e.g. 2 boxes, 100 mg, 15U).
product URL Custom redirect URL to be used with each product. Redirects to vendor OR product detail page (e.g.
target Relevant for antibody products where the target is a protein or chemical entity (e.g. paracetamol, Caspase 3).
species cross reactivity Relevant for antibody products. List of species whose targets are orthologous to the provided target and are thus likely to be detected using the specified antibody (e.g. Homo sapiens, Sus scrofa).
host species Relevant for antibody products. Describes the species that was used to produce the antibody (e.g. Rattus norvegicus, Mus musculus).
target tag/conjugate Describes tags or conjugates associated with antibodies or recombinant proteins (e.g. GST-, myc-, HA- recombinant proteins OR HRP– antibody, GFP- antibody).
applications Describes the application(s) in which the product is typically used (e.g. Western Blotting).
clone Describes clone number. Typically used for antibodies, also used to describe clone number of bacterial, mammalian cells (e.g. C109).
target species Relevant for antibody products. Where the target of an antibody is a protein this field describes the species of the protein that was used to produce the antibody. (e.g. antibody was raised against a human PRK1 protein -> target species = Homo sapiens).
target/molecule synonym All official synonyms of the provided target stored in controlled biological/chemical databases. (e.g. Uniprot, Chempsider).
price Price information of product in local currency (e.g. $, £, €).
format Describes purity and how product has been stored/preserved. (e.g. for antibodies -> lyophilized).
concentration Describes concentration of product (e.g. 100 μg/ml, 30% w/v).
ncbi gene aliases All official synonyms of the provided target stored in NCBI databases.