Getting Started

The Scrazzl API is the easiest way for developers to access up-to-date life and health science product information. The Scrazzl database integrates product information from all CompareNetworks sites in one easy to use central database. Product details available include fields such as product ID, product name, catalogue ID, vendor name, description, unit, product URL, clonality, type, tags...etc.


Using the Scrazzl API requires the user to hold a valid API token issued specifically for the registered platform. To obtain a token for your platform, you can register your application here.

How to Use

The Scrazzl API is a REST API that can be accessed by sending HTTP requests to the proper API endpoint from any programming language with HTTP support. Since each endpoint is a URL you can access data from the API by using a command line program like cURL, a programming language like PHP, Python or Ruby, or even by viewing the URL in your browser.

For example, to search for a product by its vendor name and catalogue ID you can send a request to the /v2/products end point: with proper API token and platform as the query string parameters.

Terms of Use

All users of the Scrazzl API are required to sign an API agreement. The following summarizes key provisions in this agreement that relate specifically to the use of CompareNetworks (CN) data. For new API users more detailed and specific agreements are drafted based on the nature of the API application. For more details, you can register your application here.

  • API System Delivery and CN Database Access
    • CN Database Access; Use of Data. During the term of the licenses granted, Licensee will be permitted to request data and other information to be extracted from the CN Databases from time to time so that Licensee may provide links to product listings on the CN Websites. Each request shall be made by Licensee using the CN Databases on-line access provided to Licensee with the Licensee Applications. Each copy of the data or other information extracted may be utilized by Licensee solely to provide links to product listings on the CN Websites but may not be otherwise saved or stored in any manner in any electronic media or in any other form including any extracts, notes, compilations, summaries, translations and adaptations thereof, and any other forms of information that Licensee may have created by using any of the data and/or other information from the CN Databases. Upon request by CN from time to time during any Term of this Agreement, a duly authorized executive office of Licensee will certify and attest to Licensee’s full compliance with the foregoing data and other information deletion requirements.
    • CN’s Proprietary Protection. CN shall be the sole owner of the CN Databases, including any extracts, notes, compilations, summaries, translations and adaptations or copies thereof, and including associated intellectual property rights, provided to Licensee. Copies are provided and may be made only to allow Licensee to exercise the rights expressly provided under this Agreement. CN claims U.S. and foreign copyright ownership with respect to the CN Databases.
    • Licensee’s Use of Data. Licensee shall be solely responsible for: (i) interfacing with its end users in all respects, (ii) all of its and its end users’ use of any of the data from the CN Databases, and (iii) complying with all federal, state, local and foreign laws applicable to Licensee’s or its end users’ use or disclosure of the data supplied under this Agreement.